Tips and tricks to keep hookah hygienic

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We will see some tips and tricks to make your shisha smoking sessions healthier to avoid any adverse side effects.

Here we will discuss how to keep your hookah clean after every smoking. However, it will be a little boring but it is very important to maintain your hookah healthy and neat.

Points to keep your hookah clean.

  1. Dismantle all parts of hookah and put all of your grommets and bowls sit in the mixture of warm water and lemon juice. Allow it to soak for some time and clean your parts of Hookah.
  2. Pour some mixture of hot water and lemon juice into your base, swirl it and rinse it. After it has been rinsed, scrub it with a mixture of hot water and baking soda. Use a separate brush for it.
  3. Wash the stem following the same procedure you did with the base.
  4. And wash the hose also if it is washable. Pour some hot water through it, swing it around, and allow it to dry.

Besides cleaning, you should also follow some healthy habits during smoking.

  1. During the time of smoking, increase your intake of water before starting smoking. It keeps you hydrated during smoking. Gatorade is a great alternative to water.
  2. Smoking shisha on an empty stomach is not good for health. It is good to smoke after a big meal.
  3. Try to have enough ventilation and a fan running in your room.  You will be in trouble if you are smoking in a small and closed room. It is better to have your smoking session in a larger room.
  4. Try to use natural and coconut coals instead of quick light coals.

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