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Are you in fleet management using GPS applications to monitor engine idling? Though a large number of businesses are answering yes, there are an even larger number of businesses which have not calculated that the savings GPS software supplies when monitoring idling. In an economy when every penny counts, this is a massive element in fleet management when you think about the real impact idling has on a fleet vehicle. Engine idling increases fuel consumption and engine wear, which negatively influences the mpg speed of the carousing GPS software to Track idling one of your fleet vehicles will enhance the fleet management bottom line by providing information to increase gas mileage and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear and tear.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fleet management Companies, both domestic and foreign, are turning to GPS software solutions to handle increased fuel consumption brought on by idling. Knowing if an employee Is idling while waiting at a stop light or idling while waiting to fall or pick-up a load, means a difference in spending or saving billions of dollars in gas costs annually and provides a more precise image of worker driving habits and behaviors. Based on your Engine size and if you use the air conditioner or not will decide whether your vehicle will burn a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour of engine idling. In an article on Reducing Vehicle Idling said that, idling in the USA uses more than 6 billion gallons of fuel at a cost of over 20 billion EACH year. Imagine what this figure is if you factor in fuel consumption in foreign countries. How much does your fleet market firm spend on gasoline consumption annually? What about the impact engine idling has on engine wear?

Effects of Engine Idling on Engine Wear

When an engine is running, the pieces are powered to perform their various tasks. Gears are moving, fluids are flowing, and sparks are shooting. All These actions take energy. If one additional hour of Idling is reported to be exactly like 64,000 kilometers of engine wear, imagine the effects on a heavy duty truck which averages four hours of idle time in a standard work day.

Reasons for engine Idling could include:

  • Stop Light
  • Traffic
  • Unloading/Loading
  • Stay Warm/Cool
  • Power Electrical Items

The effect of engine Idling on engine wear may greatly impact maintenance expenses from bumper to preview on any fleet vehicle.

Fleet Management Solutions to Engine Idling using GPS Software

Using a solid GPS Software along with a trusted GPS tracking device will offer a cost efficient solution to fleet management companies seeking to manage overhead associated with idling and fuel consumption. Providing data to Determine vehicle location, stops, starts, and idling generates real-time insight fleet managers will need to immediately improve productivity and start reducing expenses wasted on the effects of engine idling.