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For more than two decades, the Mr. Electric brand has already serviced residential and business customers throughout the United States. Wichita, KS, residents can trust and depend on the electricians at Mr. Electric of Wichita. For electrical improvements and repairs, we have qualified electricians that can assist. Learn more about electrical repairs in Wichita.

Because we are a locally owned and run business, we are accessible when you need us, including 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide free in-home estimates, up-front flat-rate pricing, and free safety checks for your home’s electrical wiring without commitment. When you get in touch with us, you’ll get.

Enhanced Electricity

You don’t have to worry about a professional installation without Mr. Electric at your service. Our staff has the skills and experience necessary to satisfy your requirements. Our crew has the know-how and experience to keep you happy, from correct sizing to regular maintenance. To avoid mold, mildew growth, and obnoxious scents, have our professionals install exhaust fans.

Security and safety

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is revised every three years. Don’t let Mr. Electric start taking care of your safety, and don’t fall behind. Our company provides free electrical inspections and detailed checklists to alert you to potential issues in your home or business. You can rely on Mr. Electric to maintain your home or business safe.

Lights with a Purpose

Recessed lighting from Mr. Electric is a great way to give your house or business a sophisticated look. Find out how our staff can help you update your house or company at a low cost by contacting us now.

Energy Conservation

An added benefit of installing ceiling fans in your home or business is that they do more than brighten the atmosphere. You may save money on your power bill by using ceiling fans with your air conditioner. The thermostat should be raised to a higher setting to save money. If there are no people in the room, you should switch off your fan. For even more ways to save money and energy around the house or office, check out these suggestions from Mr. Electric.

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